Why does Holy Name need to expand its current campus?

Holy Name’s expansion plan allows us to modernize our hospital campus and continue to provide world-class care for decades to come. The plan was developed to meet the needs of our growing community and allows us to remain an independent community-focused hospital.

What does this expansion entail?

The multi-phase expansion mainly consists of two new hospital buildings and four medical office buildings, located near Teaneck Road and Cedar Lane, away from residential areas. The expansion will be completed in stages over the next 20 years.

How does this expansion help the community?

The Holy Name expansion plan keeps world-class healthcare right here in Teaneck, and allows Holy Name to remain competitive as an independent hospital, responding first and foremost to the needs of our community. It also provides state-of-the-art facilities that will allow for expanded care offerings, the adoption of cutting-edge technology, and an enhanced patient experience. The multi-decade expansion project will further contribute to local economic growth, surpassing Holy Name’s current $25 million annual economic benefit to Teaneck.

What is the first phase of the expansion?

Our initial plan, which could break ground at the end of 2022, includes the construction of a new daycare center at the rear of the hospital, featuring a residential-like design. The center will be separated from the surrounding neighborhood by enhanced landscaping and “green space.” The Grange Road entrance to the hospital will be permanently closed and we will create a cul-de-sac on Chadwick Road, eliminating through traffic from nearby residential streets. We will also create a surface parking area.

How will the expansion plan maintain the residential character of the neighborhood?

The new construction and development will occur on the side of the campus opposite from residences and towards existing commercial areas along Teaneck Road and Cedar Lane. Current neighborhood thru-traffic will be eliminated with relocated hospital entrances and the creation of a cul-de-sac on Chadwick Road. Increased on-campus parking options will minimize disruptions to neighborhood street parking. And additional trees and landscaping will further enhance the overall area, with 150 feet of “green space” to buffer the hospital from neighboring residences.

What is the next step in the expansion process?

The Teaneck Township Council will consider the Planning Board’s recommendation to amend Teaneck’s Master Plan to expand the hospital zone and allow the expansion plan to move forward.